Who We Are?

Sree Balaji Paints is based in India and has over 30 Years of experience in the paint Industry. One Of Most Trusted Name in Paints Industries in INDIA. And among the leading Manufacturers of the India.

Sree Balaji Paints Products & Material High class Quality used in our Paints and Coats for Home, Automotive, Industrial and Decorative sectors. Over the year Sree Balaji Paints has perfected its products by means of breakthrough paints technology, with an emphasis on innovation and eco-friendliness. Sree Balaji Paints is steadily a household name Apart from a range of interior, exterior and enamel finished, Our Company have many specialty products that showcase its technological prowess.

Sree Balaji Paints Founded by Mr. Venkatesan Founder of our Company in 1973 Sree Balaji Paints is a Manufacturers and direct supplier offering range of paints and Sree Balaji Paints The Complete range encompasses more than 30 Articles. All our products and systems are perfectly tailored to one another so that Sree Balaji Paints has the right solution for every painting decorating and plastering task. The Sree Balaji Paints name is synonymous with top Quality. For us a product can be perfect only if, besides meeting our customers high requirements, it is also environmentally friendly.

Philosophy : For over 30 Years the Name Sree Balaji Paints has stood for more than paint. This is our philosophy. We constantly add to our product range with practical innovations and fresh ideas for your business. We are constantly in contact with painters, architects, builders and industrial, Coatings, Customers throughout Europe and the rest of the world. We know your practical needs. That creates an affinity with you. And it is just that affinity that makes the difference Sree Balaji Paints more than paint!